5 Best Watches Under 1000 for Sporty Men

Best Watches under $1000

Do you think that there is no watch under 1000? You are wrong. This article is trying to show you the best watches under 1000. It is not only about the affordable price but also great design and features. Just imagine if you are wearing a stylish watch along with high tech features and it is affordable! Definitely, it is your lucky day. There is a possibility that your friends want to wear the same watch.

Here, there are 5 different best watches under 1000 as your reference. Because you are wearing the best watch, it seems that your watch is your friend. This watch reminds you about what you have to do. It is also supporting your hobby or activity. For example, there are features which can support your running activity or many more. Furthermore, by wearing the best watch you can also increase your confidence. This is the reason why the list below is also considered as the stylish watch.

Just remember that stylish doesn’t mean complicated in design but it can be simple in design as long as it fit and match with your characteristic. Those best watches under 1000 are including Frederique, Citizen, Tissot, Hamilton, and Seiko.

Best Watches under 1000

Frederique Constant Men’s Watch

If you love to wear a watch with simple design, you can buy this watch. Although, it is simple in design but it still stylish and looks modern. It is also about the features installed in Frederique Constant Men’s watch. This watch is made by high quality stainless steel. It is okay to wear this watch in rainy or while enjoying watering activities. This is because this watch is water resist up to 165 feet.

The detail of Frederique Constant Men’s Watch is:

  • This watch is designed with analog display and automatic
  • The design is classic along with stylish, smooth, and versatile design

Best Frederique Constant Men’s Watch

In general, the opinion from the wearers about this watch is:


  • Frederique Constant Men’s watch is high quality watch
  • The design is simple but it creates elegant sensation


  • There is a problem with the strap of the watch

Note : (Model Code: FC303S5B6)

Citizen Eco Drive Silverstone Men’s Watch

For those who want to wear glamour and big size of watch, you can choose this watch. This watch is made of high quality metal titanium and stainless steel. To make it more interesting and attracting, this watch is supported by orange color for the number. Analog display makes this watch looks perfect for simple function along with anti reflective sapphire dial window.

It is also interesting because of the detail, such as:

  • Citizen Eco Drive Men’s watch is using the latest technology
  • It has complete features to support daily activity

Best Citizen Eco Drive Silverstone Men’s Watch

Here are the comments from the users:


  • The world timer technology is almost perfect
  • The features work well to support daily activity


  • There is minor problem in delivery service

Note : (Model Code: AT9010-52E)

Tissot Men’s Heritage Visodate Stainless Steel Automatic Watch

Tissot is also offering classic design watch for men. This watch is also made of high quality stainless steel. The automatic movement and analog display help the users of this watch effectively. It doesn’t matter if you wear this watch in rainy day or in wet areas. Tissot is also water resistant up to 30 meter or 99 ft. The leather strap makes this watch looks elegant and glamour.

The interesting detail of Tissot Men’s Watch including:

  • This watch is supported by scratch resistant so it is safe to wear in certain condition
  • It can be used both for formal and casual occasions

Best Tissot Men’s Heritage Visodate Stainless Steel Automatic Watch

The pros and cons about Tissot Men’s are:


  • It is high quality watch for men with affordable price
  • Classic and stylish watch for formal or casual activities


  • It seems the size is too small for some men

Note: (Model Code: TIST0194301603101)

Hamilton Men’s Stainless Steel Automatic Watch with Brown Leather Band

It is also considered as one of the best watches under 1000. The stainless steel along with brown strap looks great and perfect. To protect the watch, Hamilton is supported by anti reflective and scratch. If you love snorkeling and swimming, you are able to wear this watch, because Hamilton is also water resistant up to 100 meter or 330 feet. If you buy online, the price is only round $394.64.

Two main details of Hamilton Men’s Watch are:

  • This watch is supported by complete features
  • Classic, simple, and stylish design to increase your confidence

Hamilton Men’s Stainless Steel Automatic Watch

The pro and cons from the users of Hamilton Men’s watch are including:


  • The detail of Hamilton Men’s watch is wonderful
  • Solid and strong men’s watch


  • Sometimes it stop work after a year based on the way to wear it

Note: (Model Code:    H70555533)

Seiko Men’s Prospex Solar Stainless Steel Watch

Seiko is considered as one of best watches under 1000 along with wonderful features. Just imagine that you are about wearing a watch with solar power. The stainless steel material makes Seiko looks strong and glamour. You can wear this watch for any kind of water sports because it is water resistant up to 200 meter or 660 feet except scuba. This watch is only $184.99 and it is cheap enough for a glamour watch.

Look at the detail below before buying Seiko men’s watch:

  • The solar power allows this watch to recharge the power from sunlight
  • Complete features to support your daily activity

Seiko Men's Prospex Solar Stainless Steel Dive Watch

Just consider the pro and cons before buying Seiko men’s watch:


  • It is a glamour watch with high level of value
  • It has high level of accuracy


  • Some people think that this watch is too big

Note: (Model Code: SSC017)


From the explanation above, it can be concluded that best watch under 1000 is available. The most interesting part is that you can still get high quality watch and even more than you are expected. If you need a reference, it seems that you can buy Seiko men’s watch.

The reason if of course you can wear this watch in any kind of condition whether in wet condition or dry or hot condition. Even, you can recharge the watch automatically by using solar or sunlight, which is considered as natural resource. It hopes, this information gives you a better suggestion before buying the best watches under 1000 just like what you really want.

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5 Best Watches Under 1000 for Sporty Men

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